Blue Ribbon Blue Chees Buffalo Wing Sauce
Wicked Wing Sauce by BeerSauce Shop

Blue Ribbon Blue Cheese Buffalo Sauce  


No more wasting valuable wing eatin’ time dipping your wings into blue cheese dip with this spicy wing sauce with savory blue cheese already in it!   

Wicked Wing and Bad News Buffalo Sauces are our oude to the classic buffalo sauce — creamy and full bodied with a spice levels for all wing eaters.



American IPAs pair well with spicy and fatty foods. The bitterness in the IPA stands up to heat in wing sauce as well and the fat in the wings.
For milder wings, choose a crisp, refreshing, clean Pilsner. Slight German hop bitterness and nice malt backbone help balance the hop bite. 
A Kolsch and American Pale Ale will also do nicely. 
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