“What a long and challenging journey it has been, however, anything worth doing is rarely easy.”

Danny Gustafson and I (Jeff Gustafson), collectively known as, “The Brothers” decided to embark on becoming the second BeerSauce Shop in St. Louis back in March, 2019. Before that, we both come from the fitness industry as personal trainers and program & fitness directors at multiple gyms across St. Louis. Fitness is something we always have been and still are passionate about, however, we are more driven by entrepreneurship. So when the opportunity came up to partner with BeerSauce Shop in St. Peters came up, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity, because how can you not also be passionate about good, craft beer and BBQ?

We are excited to be bringing the flavor to Sunset Hills and be a part of BeerSauce Shop! Our aim and mission, if you will, is to provide an exceptional flavor AND customer experience for anyone who decides to give our business a chance, because without you, there is no flavor experience or BeerSauce Shop. So here’s to you!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks where we will bring you a little more info about our owners and updates on our construction and opening status. Cheers!