Continuing with the summer BBQ season and our new BeerSauce BBQ Pit Videos!

You know that the guys love their beer & bbq and summer brings many new opportunities.  Grab your craft beer and fire up your charcoal grill to try out this new tasty recipe that we dish out. This time we’re going to share with you our STL Style Pork Steaks Experience – grilled just for you!. Watch The Video – Enjoy the beer pairings from our beer store and watch for more episodes coming next week.  Cheers!

Charcoal Pit Smoked Meats


BBQ STL Style Pork Steaks by The Guys @ BeerSauce

What you need:

    • BIG DADDY’s Beef Burger Rub
    • Thick Cut Pork Steaks (Choice)
    • Barrel Aged BBQ Sauce
    • Steak baster for while your grilling

What To Do:

    • Season Pork Steaks with Big Daddy Beef & Burger Rub
    • Cooked indirect heat at 300* for 15 minutes
    • Bath in Barrel Aged BBQ Sauce for 45 min at 300*
    • Remove from sauce bath, add to grill over direct heat at 300* for 20 minutes
    • Baste in sauce every 5 minutes

Remove from heat and rest 15 minutes before serving or slicing and Enjoy!!!


Recommended Beer Pairings

Seoul Lager | 4 Hands Brewing | 4.5% ABV

Seoul Lager is crisp, dry and refreshing thanks to a malt bill composed of Pilsen and Goldpils Vienna malts