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You know that the guys love their beer & bbq and summer brings many new opportunities.  Large Biscuits , Bacon and Eggs, Tasty BBQ & Cold Craft Beer – FOR BREAKFAST!   Grab your beer and fire up your charcoal grill to try out this gravy new recipe from BeerSauce. This time we’re going to share with you Ricky’s Breakfast N Gravy Burger – super sloppy just for you!.

Watch The Video – Enjoy the beer pairings from our beer store and watch for more episodes coming next week.  Cheers!

Charcoal Pit Smoked Meats


Bacon Wrapped IPA Brats by The Guys @ BeerSauce

What you need:

    • Biscuit Roll (Go Butter Or Go Home!)
    • Pepper Gravy
    • Breakfast Sausage Patties
    • Eggs
    • Bacon
    • Your favorite sliced cheese
    • Bogarts Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce

What To Do:

  • Ricky’s Breakfast N Gravy Burger 

    1. Bake a roll of large biscuits as directed as set aside …
    2. Make a  batch of your favorite Pepper Gravy and set aside
        (Call my grannie if you need help with this…)
    3. Form breakfast sausage into 1/4 lb. patties
    4. Grill patties and 3 slices bacon per patty direct heat at 400* for about 12-15 minutes
    5. On grill or on stovetop, cook an egg over easy and set aside
    6. Pull Sausage patties and set aside
    7. Split a biscuit in half and slather with Ricky’s Raspberry Jalapeno Jam
    8. Place Sausage patties and set aside on bottom half
    9. Add 3 slices bacon 
    10. Add fried egg
    11. Add your favorite sliced cheese to melt atop the egg
    12. Top with top half of biscuit 
    13. Pour over a healthy dose of Pepper Gravy
    14. Enjoy with a knife and fork!

Remove from heat and rest 15 minutes before serving or slicing and Enjoy!!!


Recommended Beer Pairings

Razz What She Said | Untappd | 4.5% ABV

Flavors Deep Rich and Luscious Raspberry and honey, which is brite sparkling, with a off pink head. Semi-sweet finish, with a pleasing finish.