Hey fellow beer lovers, Andrew “The Beer Guy” Tessmer, checking in with a new Beer Pairing recommendation for the viral sensation of the BBQ Pit Boys Potato Bombs. Our beer store is crazy about the BBQ Pit Boys delicious BBQ ideas and if you watch the video below you will see exactly why!.  Enjoy our Beer and Sauce pairing recommendations!

Craft Beer Sauce Guy - Andrew Tessmer

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Beer Pairing with Pit Boys Potato Bombs!

– Start with a crisp Pilsner while grilling to get the taste-buds moving
– Pair a meat/cheese stuffed hearty potato with a Doppelbock, which would compliment the potato with its Roasty-ness.
– West coast IPA can be paired with spicy potatos due to the satisfying hoppiness and how it stands up to the heat!

Pairing Hot Sauces with bbq meats (marinade or on top!)

– We love this plate stuffed with jalapenos
– Its a party on Parmesan!
– Season its outside with beef & burger or souped up salt free
– Potatos wrapped in bacon can be dipped in maple bacon bbq sauce, habanero ranch, beer mustard, or bourbon bacon ketchup!

ENJOY THE FLAVOR!!!   ~ The BeerSauce Team