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The BeerSauce franchise is growing as the leader in Craft Beer & Artisan Sauce Experience Shop in the Nation.

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Learn how BeerSauce Shop
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The Best New Franchise To Own

The BeerSauce System has proven to be the quickest path to success in the Beer & BBQ retail market since it debuted in 2017.

We’re Growing Fast

We have opened five stores in only four years with several more expected in the 2022 / 2023!

A Powerful & Rewarding Flavor Experience FRANCHISE!

We Take Flavor Seriously!

The BeerSauce Product Mix Magic:

  • 500+ Craft Beers
  • 200+ BeerSauce Artisan Sauces/Rubs 
  • 70+ Craft Whiskies 
  • Artisan BBQ Menu
  • 24 Beers on Draught


What Makes Our Experiential Retail FRANCHISE Unique?

Our Try-Before-You-Buy Philosophy!

  • 500+ Mix-&-Match Craft Beer Singles
  • Sauce Bar Tasting Program
  • Weekly Experiential Flavor Events
  • Exclusive Product Collaborations
  • Artisan BBQ Menu

Become your Community’s
Craft Beer & BBQ Guru!

BeerSauce Shop started from a passion for premium flavors in the Craft Beer & Artisan Sauce worlds. We spread our passion for flavor through experiential tasting events and grassroots social media marketing that established us as our community’s Flavor Gurus. The BeerSauce System can do the same for you! BeerSauce Franchisees share these values of Fun, Flavor and Community. 


Investment & Revenue Potential

Compared to other franchise opportunities:

    • Relatively low buy-in and startup costs
    • Ultra low continuing franchising fees at only 2%
    • Low labor costs of around 14% of Gross Revenue
    • Inexpensive deep marketing net
    • High single store revenues vs buy-in costs
    • Recession resistant industry
    • Cutting edge experiential retail model


What does it cost to open a BeerSauce Shop?

Total Investment = $150,000 – $190,000

This includes facility buildout, licensing and initial franchise fee, equipment, shelving, signage, inventory, and initial marketing and labor.

Why the BeerSauce System is the Quickest Path to Success in Craft Beer & BBQ Franchise Shop

  • Memorable Brand: completely unique mid-century modern brand.
  • Inexpensive Buy-In: limited cash outlay to open.
  • Focused Craft Beer Bar: rare and premium kegs ONLY
  • Concise Kitchen: small footprint with no hoods, fryers or commercial ovens.
  • Limited Competition: no one is doing what BeerSauce is doing. We’re leading!
  • Fanatic Following: huge public demand for experiential retail.
  • Low Labor Cost: easy training, high retention, and only 120 weekly shift hours.
  • Exclusive Products: BeerSauce branded sauces, collaboration craft beers and whiskies.
  • Inexpensive Deep Marketing Net: broad social media presence, weekly flavor events, very effective loyalty program, ranked digital search presence (#1), weekly newsletter, and growing fast.


Q: How Much Does it Cost to Open a BeerSauce Shop?
A: Total Investment of *$150,000 – $190,000 is average. This includes facility buildout, licensing and initial franchise fee, equipment, shelving, signage, inventory, and initial marketing and labor.

Q: How Long Will it Take for my BeerSauce Shop to Open?
A: Once we’ve answered all your initial questions and the Franchise Agreement is signed, you can expect it to take anywhere from 2 to 5 months to get your new BeerSauce Shop location open.

Q: Is There a Size (square footage) Requirement for my BeerSauce Shop?
A: No, not necessarily. However we’ve found that spaces between 2,000 and 2,400 square feet are best suited for a BeerSauce Shop. We’ve got plenty of footprint layouts that can be customized to your space. Generally your monthly lease expense should cost between $3,000 – $4,000.

Q: Will I Need to Work Full Time at my BeerSauce Shop?
A: No. However we’ve found that an owner-operator makes the best BeerSauce Shop franchisee. This means you’d be engaged in day-to-day operations of the shop like setting up events with distributors, posting new arrivals on social media, working at your Shop helping your awesome customers, and more fun stuff!

Q: Can I Open a BeerSauce Shop in any State?
A: The majority of states allow for a BeerSauce Shop to operate. A few states require us to follow some additional rules that we are happy to share on a state by state basis. Shoot us an email at if you’d like to know if your state is “BeerSauce Shop Friendly.”

We’re Growing Fast

BeerSauce Shop FRANCHISE growth information

We opened 5 stores in four years with several more expected in the next year!

We Support You

A FRANCHISE Opportunity with a Great Team!

We provide in-depth initial and ongoing training and coaching from the moment you sign a BeerSauce Shop FRANCHISE Agreement with us.

    • Site Selection Assistance
    • Layout Planning Assistance
    • Grand Opening Guidance
    • Bulk Purchasing Discounts
    • Shared Marketing Efforts

    • Inventory Transfer Program
    • Initial and Ongoing Training
    • Shared Best Practices
    • Proven Operations System and Suppliers

When you FRANCHISE with BeerSauce Shop,
you’re never alone – you become part of our family.
We’re going to do everything we can to
help you succeed.


Holy cow. This place is literally craft beer (and BBQ) Heaven.

Great beers, great whiskeys, great people, and anything you need to make awesome BBQ! What more do you need? 🙂

Great selection of smokers and lots of LOCAL liquids to drink!! Locals supporting locals!

I am actually sitting on my deck at the moment using they’re “Carolina Moonshine Mustard” sauce on some pork steaks and the smell is amazing!

Man, can’t say enough about how great this place is. Customer service is truly fantastic!

“This place is outstanding! Both guys were extremely friendly and VERY knowledgeable.

What an awesome spot! They have rare hard-to-find beers. Definitely best selection I’ve seen.

Loved that you could try the sauces before buying!

I love drinking while shopping for my next drink. Good service and great people!

Definitely one of my new favorite places. AMAZING beer, sauce and staff.

Everything you need for the perfect night in the backyard.

What a cool concept! Why is this not in Kansas City?

I haven’t even been here yet and I love it!!!!!!!

Steps to Ownership

It is easy to start your own Beer Sauce Franchise


Submit Contact Information & Download PDF 

It will help us provide you with information about BeerSauce  Shop and what sets us apart.


Introduction Call
(10 mins)

We’ll answer initial questions and talk about qualifications.


Exploratory Call
(1 hr)

We’ll get to know each other further and share details on how we help you to succeed.


Complete Candidate Profile (10 Mins)

Once completed we will send you the FDD and start the
real estate analysis


Schedule FDD review
(30-45 mins)

Speak with President of Franchising to ask questions on FDD, Real Estate, Territories, etc.


Discovery Day

Visit multiple BeerSauce Shop locations and meet our founders.


FAQ / Franchise Agreement

Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement.


YOU are a  BeerSauce Shop Franchisee!

Plug into our brand, and aggressively start the site selection, training, and on-boarding process!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and are excited that you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of the BeerSauce Shop brand as we rapidly expand across the nation.

Learn how BeerSauce Shop
can Help you Become your Community’s
Craft Beer & BBQ Guru!

BeerSauce Shop

For FRANCHISE info, call Rick!