Ready for tailgating and laughing with friends?  Enjoying great flavor is part of having a great time.  Let’s mix it up this year with new and different seasonings to impress your crew.  BeerSauce Shop has you covered with four brand spankin’ new dry rubs and seasonings!

  • Smoky Sweet Brazilian BBQ Rub
  • Toasted Everything Bagel Topping
  • Grandpa’s Grill Seasoning
  • RIP’s Red Hot Rub 

We went through the “agony” of tasting hundreds of different seasoning blends so you don’t have to (stop by one of our Shops if you want to be part of the next tasting group, it’s a ton of flavor filled fun).  This time we went away from the traditional rubs and mixed it up with some really interesting flavors.  Let’s start with a BBQ style that has become all the rage over the last decade…Brazilian!

Smoky Sweet Brazilian BBQ Rub

Brazilian BBQ, also known as Churrasco, started some 400 years ago when cattle ranching was introduced to the South American Portuguese colony of Brazil.  This BBQ style really took off in Brazil in the 1940’s when Gaucos, Brazilian cowboys, spread the flavor across the country.  They didn’t season the beef much at all, instead allowing the natural flavors of the meat to come through with the kiss of fire from the grill.  

With our Smoky Sweet Brazilian BBQ Rub, BeerSauce Shop has taken some minor liberties to advance the traditional Brazilian BBQ flavor a bit by adding a hint of smoke to this rub as well as a pinch of sweetness. These ingredients add to the Brazilian Churrasco flavor that permeates this complex rub and will come through in your grilling experience at home.

Plus, it’s amazing on more than just beef.  Try this rub on pork ribs, salmon, chicken, etc. Smoky Sweet Brazilian BBQ Rub hits your tongue as a surprise with smokiness and supportive sweetness, but nothing is overpowering.  If you’re looking for a new flavor of BBQ at home that you may not have tasted before, give BeerSauce’s Smoky Sweet Brazilian BBQ Rub a try.

Toasted Everything Bagel Topping

In 1980, David Gussin, a teenage New Yorker working in a bagel shop, swept all the leftover bagel toppings out of the oven that had roasted there throughout the morning and had a crazy idea.  He tells The New Yorker, “instead of throwing them out like I always did, I swept them into a bin and said let’s make some with these!’  There were poppy seeds, sesame seeds, minced onions, minced garlic, and salt that he toppled onto a handy plain bagel to see how it would come out, and a new unconventional flavor was born.  

Other’s have competing claims on who actually created the Everything Bagel, but whoever discovered the interestingly tasty combination, BeerSauce Shop has now transitioned the popular poppy and sesame seed blend into a deeply flavor-filled seasoning. 

While sampling this new BeerSauce seasoning, it was uncovered that, unsurprisingly, this has some huge flavor; so much so you could almost eat this as a snack. Get ready for some amazing texture and booming flavor. You’re gonna’ wanna’ sprinkle this on everything! Sprinkle on your sunny side up eggs and top your biscuits in the morning, add to your salad and pizza for lunch and top a roast chicken and potatoes for lunch.  

Grandpa’s Grill Seasoning

Remember back in the day when you were a kid and your dad or grandpa was in the backyard grilling up some meat?  That feeling of family and flavor can be so hard to find these days.  So BeerSauce Shop sought to recreate that feeling embodied in a rub!

This concoction crosses the taste buds and takes you back in time to Dad’s homemade grill seasoning used on every type of meat cooked on the old old offset smoke on the deck. This seasoning just makes ya’ happy!

It’s hard to explain. This seasoning is more of a feeling than an ingredient list.  If you want to be teleported back in time to the good ‘ol days when you were a kid eating homemade BBQ off the fire with grandpa, grab Grandpa’s Grill Seasoning from BeerSauce Shop. You’ll be happy ya’ did. 

RIP’s Red Hot Rub

Want the flavor from those spicy, sweet BBQ chips from the corner store on all of the foods?  We do; that’s why BeerSauce Shop is bringing you RIP’s Red Hot Rub, to remind you of that spicy salty sweet BBQ flavor you enjoyed on your childhood family summer vacation.  

This is a fun rub!  It takes that bold, sweet and spicy BBQ flavor from those white-bagged chips from childhood road trips and on a paper plate alongside a bologna and white bread sandwich. The flavor is even bolder lingering heat and sweetness. Add this one to fries, popcorn, ribs, chicken wings, shrimp – even mix into your burger mix! 

Try these several seasonings if you’re looking for something new and different.  BeerSauce Shop has complex flavors that take you to different places and times.  It’s the reason we love artisan barbecue, and we hope you love it, too.  Great flavor is part of having a Great Time.  

It’s time for NEW BBQ!