Continuing with the summer BBQ season and our new BeerSauce BBQ Pit Videos!

You know that the guys love their beer & bbq and summer brings many new opportunities.  Grab your craft beer and fire up your charcoal grill to try out this new tasty recipe that we dish out. This time we’re going to share with you our BeerSauce Three-Two-One Ribs – grilled just for you!. Watch The Video – Enjoy the beer pairings from our beer store and watch for more episodes coming next week.  Cheers!

Charcoal Pit Smoked Meats


BeerSauce Three-Two-One Ribs by The Guys @ BeerSauce

What you need:

  • 1 Slab St. Louis Style Ribs
  • Ol Red’s Tennessee Vinegar 
  • Sweet as Sugar BBQ Rub
  • Mean Molasses BBQ Sauce
  • Foil

What To Do:

BeerSauce Three-Two-One Ribs

  1. Place slab of ribs on cutting board or sheet pan
  2. Remove silverskin on the bone side of ribs
  3. Generously season both sides with Sweet as Sugar BBQ Rub
  4. Prepare Smoker for 225 indirect heat and allow to stabilize 
  5. Place slab of ribs on bone side down for 3 hours at 225 uncovered
  6. Prepare a foil pack and remove slab of ribs from heat and into foil
  7. Add a generous amount of Ol Red’s Tennessee Vinegar to foil pack
  8. Wrap rack tightly in foil pack
  9. Return to smoker for two hours wrapped 
  10. Carefully remove pack foil and unwrap rack
  11. Return to smoker unwrapped for one hour
  12. With 30 minutes remaining, base in Mean Molasses BBQ Sauce 
  13. Let rest for about 30 minutes
  14. Slice into individual bones and serve

Remove from heat and rest 15 minutes before serving or slicing and Enjoy!!!


Recommended Beer Pairings

Malt Shop Porter | Missouri Beer Company | 4.5% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Beer Sauce Shop. A robust Porter with Sweet Cherry Puree, Cocoa Nibs, and vanilla. Maltodextrin adds extra mouthfeel.