Updating you with a Beer Pairing BBQ recipe and our new BeerSauce BBQ Video!

The guys love their beer & bbq (“and Bacon!”) and summer brings out the best in them.  Grab your craft beer and fire up your charcoal grill to try out this new tasty recipe that we’ve concocted. This time we’re going to share with you a “Master Steak Baster’s” secret recipe:
The Beer Guys Bacon Wrapped IPA Brats 

Watch The Video – Enjoy the beer pairings from our beer store and watch for more episodes coming next week.  Cheers!

Charcoal Pit Smoked Meats


Bacon Wrapped IPA Brats by The Guys @ BeerSauce

What you need:

    • Spicy Brats
    • 4oz Water Pot
    • Go Ape Ghost Pepper Seasoning
    • Parmesan Garlic
    • Bacon
    • Steak baster for while your grilling
    • Diced Onion & Capones Italian Topping
    • Habanero Mustard
    • Bogarts Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce

What To Do:

  • Beer Guy’s Bacon Wrapped IPA Brats

    1. For 4-6 Spicy Brats, add 1 can of your favorite IPA and 4oz water to small pot
    2. Bring liquid to boil on grill at ~400*
    3. Add brats to boiling liquid, cook for 10 minutes or until brats are firm
    4. Lay out two pieces of Bacon per brat, roll bacon around brat to cover
    5. Season with Go Ape Ghost Pepper Seasoning
    6. Grill on direct heat at 400* for about 8-10 minutes
    7. Brush large brat bun with Party on Parmesan Garlic and place facedown on grill to char.
    8. Remove brat and bun from heat lay on work surface
    9. Add brat to toasted bun
    10. Add Diced Onion & Capones Italian Topping 
    11. Add Hopped up Habanero Mustard & Bogarts Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce
    12. Top with Sauerkraut & Bad News Blazin Pickles

      Beer Pairing: American IPA like Logboat’s Snapper

Remove from heat and rest 15 minutes before serving or slicing and Enjoy!!!


Recommended Beer Pairings

Logboat's Snapper | American IPA | 4.5% ABV

This easy drinking IPA is loaded up with four varieties of American grown hops. Fruity flavors of pear and peach play off of resinous, piney notes. Belgian crystal malt complements the bitterness for a well-balanced IPA.