What Spice Are You?

What Spice Are You??  Here's a silly QUIZ you can try to find out! http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_spice_are_you_1 (NOTE: FREE gourmet BBQ, January 27th, 12-3pm) Have you ever made your own rib rub at home?  Can you name the most commonly used ingredients in rib rubs? ...

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New BBQ Joint to Host BBQ School

Situated at the "Crossroads of the Nation" under the Wentzville water tower along the Mother Road sits a building that harkens to a simpler, more down home America. From this building a team of experts create the most American of foods, BBQ! This place that take us...

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A Brief History in Buffalo Wings

Hope you have your SUPER BOWL party planned out and friends invited to laugh at the best commercials of the year!!  For the appetizers, stop in BeerSauce Shop for much needed FLAVOR BOOSTERS = wing sauce, meat ball glaze, ghost pepper seasoning, complex/creative dips,...

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Whiskey Club: Session One

Whiskey Club: First in the Exceptional Spirits Series We've teamed with Classique Wines & Jos. A. Magnus & Co to present Whiskey Club: Session One on Tuesday, Jan. 8th at 7:30 in the evening. Join the ever knowledgable & personable Amanda Wilson for an...

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January BottleShare: A Study in Hops

This one's for you, Hop Heads Hops are the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus and are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart bitter, zesty, or citric flavors.   Do you like hops? Do you find yourself craving the...

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Oskar Blues To Lead BeerSchool

Oskar Blues will be dropping some serious beer knowledge at BeerSchool on Wed. Jan. 24! Oskar Blues, the brewery responsible for bringing craft beer into the Can Age, will be at The Shop leading BeerSchool at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 24th! As always, BeerSchool is...

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Mr. B’s Salsa Tasting Tuesday, Jan 9

Mr. B's creates salsa, glazes, hot sauces and spicy pickled products from hot peppers, cucumbers & tomatoes they grow on the South St. Louis-based micro-farm. This BeerSauce supported local business is committed to clean, healthy eating and respecting those around...

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January WhiskeySchool Feat. StilL 630

StilL 630 to lead WhiskeySchool Wed., Jan. 17     StilL 630 is St. Louis based rapidly growing, regional industry leader of craft distilled spirits. All of their premium products are manufactured in unique, small batches. StilL 630's products are ultra high...

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Sump Release: Monday, Jan. 8th

Sump (and Abraxas & Vermilion) To Be Available At BeerSauce Shop Monday As you probably already know, Sump is Perennial Artisan Ale's imperial coffee stout featuring coffee roasted at South St. Louis-based Sump Coffee. 2018's batch features coffee beans from the...

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Excel Soda…born out of a BANK ROBBERY

Support Local...buy Excel Craft Soda! Edward “Lefty” J. Meier and his wife Catherine founded Excel Bottling Company in the summer of 1936. They honed their soda skills during the depression and came out with their best product in the 60's. The best selling soft...

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